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Modern dancing is a creative style of dance that encompasses many dance techniques. It is a unique style of movement that allows dancers to explore their spatial awareness and self expression. See more about our modern dance classes in Johannesburg Bedfordview.

Ballet classes focus on technique, strength and fluidity of movement while promoting poise and grace. Classes will incorporate barre & center work, adage, petite & grand allegro and across the floor technique. See more about our ballet classes in Bedfordview

Acrobatics is a form of dance that incorporates using our core strength along with flexibility to allow dancers to pull off moves and tricks which are derived from gymnastics. See why we are the best dance studio for acrobatics classes in Johannesburg.

Timeless and classic, tap dancing allows dancers to experience changes in rhythms and movements while giving them the freedom to explore their own personal style. Classes incorporate many styles of tap. Read more about tap dancing classes here.

A street style of jazz, focusing on usage of unique rhythms through fast-paced, petite movements. This spirited class will teach you moves that you can use on the stage as well as on the dance floor. Read more about our hip hop classes in Johannesburg here.

Dance Fit is a fun and energetic class which uses dance as a form of exercise and as a way to keep fit. This class in enjoyed by people of all ages. Getting fit has never been this fun. Read more here to see why our Dance Fit classes in Johannesburg are the best.

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Welcome To Dansation!

Welcome to Dansation, a dance studio in Johannesburg. If you’re looking for a safe, family friendly, nurturing atmosphere that provides top notch training within a beautiful facility; welcome to Dansation! We specialize in training dancers age 4 through to adults. Our mission is to instill grace, poise, and confidence in each student who walks through our doors. 

We are not a satellite dance studio, or a factory, instead we have classes in a fun and loving environment where nobody is left behind! Here at Dansation, we love what we do and we strive to enable students to find a passion in dance and leave each class feeling inspired, motivated and encouraged.

I am personally inviting you to stop by and visit us! Come experience the studio in Johannesburg, Bedfordview, where every child is treated like a star.

– Lauren Sydne Matthews, Directess

Dansation is an internationally accredited dance studio offering high quality dance training of a global standard. We are proudly affiliated with the Imperial Society Of Teachers of Dancing (UK) the Royal Academy of Dance (UK) the American Academy of Ballet (USA) and Acrobatic Arts (Canada) We offer dance classes in Bedfordview Johannesburg from ages 4 to adults, beginners to pre-professionals.


Dansation is situated on 50 Concorde Road East, Bedfordview. Our studio boasts a generous 100sqm of dance space with newly fitted laminate floors with shock absorption.

  • State of the art surround sound system with ceiling speakers
  • Air conditioning
  • Changing Room with Shower & Toilet
  • Double fitted barre
  • Double volume ceiling
  • ​Complimentary tea and coffee
  • High definition viewing monitors
  • Two waiting areas (indoor and outdoor)
  • Secure parking
  • Specialised acrobatic mats
  • A modern and secure environment

A place dancers can call home


50 Concorde Road East, Bedfordview
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