Dance Fit Classes In Johannesburg Bedfordview

Dance Fit is a body conditioning class with a dancer’s flare! This class is fantastic for dancers who are looking to improve their strength and flexibility or the average Jane (or Joe!) who is looking for a fun, new way to get in shape. 

Dance Fit is a fusion of pilates, yoga, aerobic exercise and dance. During a Dance Fit class, there is no judgement: whether or not you can touch your toes (yet!) we dance we laugh and we sweat.

It’s also a fantastic way to let loose and relieve stress. Many of our Dance Fit students report back that they feel on top of the world after classes which is why they keep coming back for more!

This is a popular dance class which is constantly growing. So don’t hesitate to contact us to avoid disappointment. 

50 Concorde Road East, Bedfordview
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